General English

Our General English has several diversities of levels ranging from Beginner to Advanced Level; whereby each of these is divided into two units "Level 01 & Level 02", each level is considered essential and gaining a promotion into the following level does not determine the time spent but the students' commitment and ability to the program, a student is likely to be demoted if they like the ability and perform up to our expectation.

Prompt to the end of two levels three certificates are issued to each student such as "Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Distinction & Statement of Result" stating the level of student's capability in Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading respectively. And in the absent of any of these certificates the rest should be considered voided.


1.            The recipient fails to defend or perform up to the expectation of the grade noted on the Statement of Result.

2.            Certificate without Registration and Passport Photos

3.            Certificate Altered by any means

4.            Displacement of one of the three certificates.

5.            Not be able to confirm the certificates on our official website

6.            Without the teacher and management's endorsement and also the centre's blue stamp.

Note: Certificates can also be verified by calling ourcentre number (Local: 3542348 - International: +7727 3542348).

- Beginner Level 01 & 02(click & show beginner’s text)

- Elementary Level 01 & 02(click & show beginner’s text)

- Pre-Intermediate Level 01 & 02(click & show beginner’s text)

- Intermediate Level 01 & 02(click & show beginner’s text)

- Upper-Intermediate Level 01 & 02(click& show beginner’s text)

- Advance Level 01 & 02(click & show beginner’s text)


 - Beginner Level 01 & 02

Beginner’s level is usually considered as the most principal part of our program so therefore, it goes on a slow pace as it involves introducing students into the general language at large, and it requires perseverance and entails 3.5 months to 4 months, this is due to the fact that quite a few materials are used just to make sure the students get a vivid understanding in both Grammar Rules, Phonetic symbols, Pronunciation, Spelling, as well as Writing.


- Elementary Level 01 & 02

Our Elementary level requires 3 to 3.5 months which also tailors students into the fundamental aspect of the General English requirements.


- Pre-Intermediate Level 01 & 02

Due to our immense time devotion from the inception of the preceding levels; two months is spent on this level, as students have already had a vivid comprehension over the principal facet of this level needed from the inception.


- Intermediate Level 01 & 02

The intermediate stage is seemed crucial; as we pay attention in breaking the snag which might deprive students socializing and expressing their views amongst others. So therefore, 3.5 months is mandatory when going through this process.


- Upper-Intermediate Level 01 & 02

Students are obviously expected more than enough at this level, so therefore supplementary materials are used during classes and students are given more than enough to enable them comprehend both verbal and written expressions.


- AdvancedLevel 01 & 02

Having gone through all hubs, students are expected to present themselves in all ramifications, ranging from: Spoken, Written, as well as going in for some of the most crucial examinations “IELTS, TOEFL, etc.” without hurdles.

Note: An average level entails 48 hours.